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Elbow soreness

I have a problem with my elbows right know. Every time I do any pressing my elbows start to hurt real bad. This happened after one night we were arm wrestling and I was alternating right and left handed. I have been lifting for a week now with this pain, and today while doing push presses the pain became unbearable and I had to stop. What should I do take a week off?


Pain in both elbows? Is there swelling? If the pain is unbearable and is holding back your training, my advice would be to go see a doctor.

One of the most common injuries to the elbow is "tennis elbow" - caused by repitive use or some sudden injury. But I'm wondering is this is even the prob: since the pain from tennis elbow usually occurs when extending the arm (like when you are playing tennis, hence the term). What happened to me once, was I had a infection in that sac of fluid located in our joints (elbows, knees) - I forgot the name (dammit), starts with a "L". Anyways, my arm looked like it belonged on Popeye (Ko thought it looked cool). Plus I got a fever, felt icky - my doc prescribed antibiotics. The swelling went down and the pain went away.

I just think you need to go see a doctor to pinpoint the problem.

Sounds like it could be tendonitis. Wobenzyme and time off from elbow flexion exercises. Time to work on your squats. I had elbow tendonitis a few years back and had good luck using Wobenzyme for 3-4 weeks and limiting elbow flexion movements. Completely healed, I believe in 3-4 weeks and no problems since. Do a search on Wobenzyme as have been many threads in past.

Second what Heb said. Also, if it is tendonitis then you should check out the “negatives for tendonitis” article that was in T-Mag a couple of years back. So a search and it’ll come up.

Where exactly is the pain? Medial aspect of elbow/lateral aspect, etc.?

You may want to switch to bench press and JM presses for chest/triceps for a bit. If you keep your elbows in close to your body and PAUSE AT THE BOTTOM of every rep, you may not feel as much (or any) pain. Same for the JM press, I attached a couple of my previous postings from the Tendonitis Cures thread for your reference (you may want to read through that thread also – search for it under ‘subject’)

Mark R. 2002-03-23 18:38:44

I recommend that you stop doing any type of triceps extensions for a while. Wait until you’re completely pain-free, then wait a few more weeks, and then gradually get back into extensions. Try to include incline some dumbbell flared elbow extensions… these will strengthen your elbows. While you’re healing, train triceps with JM presses and close-grip presses. (You can read about JM presses and dumbbell flared elbow extensions in Dave Tate’s Westside articles on this site). You may also want to modify your bench style (close-grip, normal, incline, etc). I recommend that you ALWAYS pause at the bottom of these movements. Also, keep your elbows tight to your body. I’ve had bad tendonitis in the past (gone now, finally), and have not been bothered by any of these movements. Good luck.


Mark R. 2002-03-28 05:04:45

Mikeh – Glad to help!

char-dawg – The JM press is performed on a bench press. The movement starts like a standard bench. The bar is then taken to a point about five inches above the neck/upper chest, paused, and pressed back up. If the elbows are kept tight (close to the body – not flared out) throughout the movement, this will be a combination extension/press. Check out Dave Tate’s bench articles by using the search feature for a more detailed description.

Horace, I bumped the Tendonitis Cures thread, so check it out. It was worth bumping, since it has a lot of good information.

For not even thinking of tendonitis. Talk about “overthinking”…:frowning: Patricia

thanks for the replies. What exactly is wobenzyme? Ive done a search and seen people with positive results for joint pain using it but no explanation to what exactly it is?

Try doing ice massage over the affected area for 20-30 minutes 2-3/day. This should help to decrease the inflammation.