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Elbow Sleeve to Avoid Joint Wear?


Hi all,

About 8 months ago I was hit by a car while walking. Three weeks in the hospital, 4 surgeries, multiple ligament tears in my knee, as well as a partial elbow replacement (my right radial head is now fake) and I’m finally able to go back to the gym. I still have pain the elbow, and am already showing signs of arthritis. The only way the ortho tells me I can slow the progression is keeping the muscles that move the joint strong.

Would wearing elbow sleeves help protect the joint? I guess the idea is if I can add muscle while reducing joint stress, then probably better for the life of the joint.



The sleeve will keep the elbow warm but will not protect it. The only way is to stay away from any exercise that aggravates your elbow and to stretch it all the time, extended and contracted. Otherwise you’ll one day realize you’ve lost a considerable range of motion.


Sleeve wont protect elbow, does your insurance cover seeing a therapist, as your injury is unique, and so is rehabilitation.