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Elbow Sleeve Recommendations


I own a pair of strengthshop sleeves that I am happy with but at my competition yesterday I learned that those were declared illegal recently. They need to be made of neopren. So I couldn’t use sleeves yesterday and need a new pair for Future comps.
My sleeves don’t add anything to my press but make my elbows feel better (which is why I was surprised).

Long story short, what brand of neopren elbow sleeves do you guys use?


I use SBDs, I like them but they do irritate my upper arm. I heard good things about the dual ply Giants Pro ones, the cerebus ones look the same but don’t know if they are the same quality.

I see a few people buying small knee sleeves for this purpose.


I got cheapo BearKomplex sleeves off Amazon. They feel kinda weird on overhead movements though

Disclaimer: I compete in powerlifting, but I just wear these in training.