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Elbow Sleeve Recommendations


I own a pair of strengthshop sleeves that I am happy with but at my competition yesterday I learned that those were declared illegal recently. They need to be made of neopren. So I couldn’t use sleeves yesterday and need a new pair for Future comps.
My sleeves don’t add anything to my press but make my elbows feel better (which is why I was surprised).

Long story short, what brand of neopren elbow sleeves do you guys use?


I use SBDs, I like them but they do irritate my upper arm. I heard good things about the dual ply Giants Pro ones, the cerebus ones look the same but don’t know if they are the same quality.

I see a few people buying small knee sleeves for this purpose.


I got cheapo BearKomplex sleeves off Amazon. They feel kinda weird on overhead movements though

Disclaimer: I compete in powerlifting, but I just wear these in training.


Got an old pair of knee sleeves? That’s what I did and they work great.


Lol I wish my arms were that big


I probably wouldn’t worry about it. If they just make your elbows feel better, that’s not essential to competing. Keep using what you’re using in training, and then go sleeveless at comp.

If you are set on buying neoprene sleeves, I’d probably go with SBD. I like the STrong elbow sleeves as well. I used to use the SBD’s. I use the cerberus ones with the velcro straps now, but those aren’t neoprene, so it wouldn’t work for you.

Kinda surprised elbow sleeves would be banned, they aren’t here in any competitions I’ve seen.


Me too. Especially since I used the exact same ones one year before that at an event with the same referee.


I’m just hoping we don’t see figure 8 straps banned in more comps. I know the Arnold competitors this year weren’t allowed to use them on the deadlift. I don’t even own regular straps, lol.


The last comp I was at they even kind of extended this new rule. The ref explained that If you are using non neoprene sleeves you could only wear one. So you had to chose which elbow hurts more :smiley:


I’ve got a set of the strong elbow sleeves and I love them. Then again, I’ve never tried any of the others so my wealth of knowledge on the subject isn’t great. I chose those because I was buying a sling shot and the shipping at the time was less to get those, slingshot, and lifting straps.


Another recommendation for the SBD elbow sleeves. My only advice is they seem to run a little big so if you want more compression think about going down a size. My measurements were in the middle to low end of the XL range and they fit a little loose but I’d go to L if I wanted compression or a little pop on pressing movements. Also agree with the upper arm irritation. I think it’s the stupid tag they sewed right at the top . And I think in Ontario powerlifting all elbow sleeves are banned for comps. Only wrist wraps and knee sleeves allowed as per IPF rules I believe.
EDIT: oops didn’t see this was an old thread.