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Elbow rehab and Life at 16

Qualities that were dismissed when I was younger. Though I’m just bitching lol, I’m just not good at picking my own path. The plan is to (finally) start private tutoring and an informal bioethics discussion club
What about your brother?

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My little bro’s the same. Although, he is quite passionate about foreign policy and politics

He’s part of the debate team and is an exec in his school’s Asian student association, but he doesn’t have any awards or that shit.
He’s also math gifted, but doesn’t really like STEM

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Squats 125x5, 5x10@105
Pushups/pull ups in between

Slow on the top set, knees a bit clicky
I owe hamstrings and lunges, will do later today

Now comes the hard part: finding people who would join a club or need tutoring

The club is a school thing? Otherwise, reddit?

Lunges a few sets of 20 w 20 lb db
Seated zercher gm up to 85x10
Light, made up from yesterday

I’ve been unusually wired ever since school’s moved online and I’ve been stuck at home. I don’t suppose it’s a coincidence haha
Left elbow has also plateaued in rom, which is anoying. It’s literally a matter of degrees now

School yeah. It’s essentially to look good on college apps

And wow someone else reads this lol

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Start with your friend circle on social media? with remote learning everything, you could probably tutor someone from anywhere
Also, how savvy are your parents on weChat? If they’re part of any moderate/large sized parent group, there’s probably opportunities

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I discovered the GPS on Strava is absolutely fucked today, I am no where a 5"30 mile lol
.8 mi run 6"28

Training now is legs / run / press

Both good ideas that I will use when I start, thank you

Though a not small part of this is just me complaining “into the void”

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Press 75x5
Odd/even sets (5 total) DB press 13,15,13 w 20s // BTN press 2x10 bar
(Pullups in between)

Toyed around with a heavy bag the neighbor gave us, my left wrist sucks at maintaining rigidity, right side is solid though

5x10 squat @ 105
Rdl 8,7 @ 155 doh
(Jump/standing plate halo in between)
Split squats/pullups (not many at all) to finish

I racked wrong and ended up twisting my shoulder in, resulting in a sharp pain. Nothing major though, dissipated
Though this is probably a que to stop squatting out of a bench haha
And I also need to hurry it up a bit - everything to be done under the hour

My joints have been very prone to popping, and my energy levels crash at around 2000. I guess I need to eat more? Both are new

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no shit! The prices for simple squat stands on Amazon aren’t terrible… they just take about a month to ship :sob:

welcome to the club…

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The odd thing is it came out of literally no where. Diet is the same, I’m sleeping more actually, the only thing is school picked back up :man_shrugging:

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I feel you- I’ve had some of the best sleep in months, but feel progressively crappier, performance seriously decreasing too

So what I’m hearing is, (n=2) less sleep = better performance … Lol

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@Koestrizer and @alex_uk hit stress PRs regularly- often on <5hr sleep multiple days in a row!
@T3hPwnisher apparently does too, but he’s not exactly human

Hit a new one today, slightly injured pr!

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Add 3-5 more “participants” and you’ll have a larger sample size than many “legit” exercise science studies!


“A study in Stress, sleep, injury and inexplicable gym PRs” alex_uk et el.

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It could be my crude AP Bio experiment haha