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Elbow rehab and Life at 16

Happy thanksgiving all

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abs, light db work, band pull aparts, light deadlifts * 10
Weighted sprints/abs
Jump ropex10 pass 2 rounds (hold plank while waiting)
Goblet squat x3 pass 2 rounds
Burpees x10 pass 2 rounds

9x3 leg curl, 1x3 leg curl + 25 partials, drop 3 times with 30 sec rest periods
Tried front squatting, discovered that I am bad at that
Decided to do back squats instead, parents told me that dinner was ready
I left and never finished (yes I’m lazy)

Notes- never actually really felt the hamstrings contract, regardless of foot position, Dorsiflexed-felt the calf on the pull, Plantarflexed-felt calves getting crushed. A bad leg curl might have something to do with this. Still got a good pump 30 sec later
Notes pt 2- I’m bad at front squatting, maybe just need to get familiar with it

For anyone (does anyone still read this?) who reads this log, do cold showers positively effect sleep quality?

Um, you’re not doing SS so how could it be boring?

I frequent GuineaPig’s Training Log nowadays because it features lots of banter, laughs, GIFs, memes, training, Guinea Pigs, borderline homo but still no homo appreciation of men’s tights and just a good old attempt at getting better at lifting. He reminds me a bit of you with all the whining and the bitching about things lel.

Take a look at the log and maybe try some of his practices like heckling people for form check’s all the time and posting vids to facilitate that. If more fun and easier to engage and interact the more interesting you make your log.

Probably. If they do its not by much. Maybe try dis

IMO progress is never boring because you fight for it every rep of every set. Just me tho

Drop by my log to learn how to pull sumo and eat butt lol

You’re pretty strong for your age so maybe lifting won’t be so boring when you are competing against other high level lifters later on

Bands, dbs, dbs, light squats
Jogging (read walking) interspersed with resisted sprints/farmers carries

Edit: *this is me bitching because I can’t bitch anywhere else *
A fat lady that does the conditioning part of conditioning (best way I can put it) was half squatting a 65 lb bar (even if she went down lower in subsequent sets whatever) and saying it was heavy. Then she goes to correct my squat form saying that my feet are 1- too wide, and 2- flaring too much (I checked, less than 40 degrees), then proceeds to say that that’ll destroy my knees, also ask if my knees bother me. I can’t tell her off because she’s an adult. Also doesn’t like to push anything but harder conditioning, and she’s still fat

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(light) tire flips/db press *10, trying to get everything down the hall interspersed with running to the next floor and back down
clap push-ups / 2 rounds of stair walking w 40+ lbs

Think I’ll try max muscle layers soon. Or anyone who reads this log suggest some plan for me to do (hypertrophy)
Note to self- if you aren’t “fluent” at a piano excerpt, play it at least ~every day or you lose finger positions, timing, etc. very quickly
Second note to self- I’m not half bad at origami (got into it saturday). Edit- bad at roses

The way this broke across my screen made me think you were under the guidance of some rather barbaric piano teacher who would chop off a finger should you miss a lesson… damn!

“Miss lesson, lose finger!” ~Mr Miyagi

lol. nothing quite so drastic,+ if this were the case I’d probably be missing a limb or 2 by now (played for 7 years)

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Current plan for T-ransformation
9 weeks of max muscle layers
1 cycle (~9 weeks) of advanced GVT
5 weeks of Building the monolith
Maybe eat less snacks and do more (read some) cardio during last few weeks

So you bulking on the way to SHW or cutting down to next to nothing?

The former. If I lose my abs (accidently), then I’ll probably do a mini cut.

Abs. 40 rep goal with double crunches, 20 rep set of flat legged crunches (squeeze at the top of each rep for ~2 sec), 2*10 lying leg raises off bench (emphasis on stretching abs on eccentric)
Abs sore AF
BW circuit with brother (3 rounds): 4 pushups, 5 lunges/leg, 3 jump squats, 2 zercher squats (didn’t work that well), failed push press attempt+ 3 rounds of 2-3-5 strict pullups

I haven’t touched anything heavy for 3 weeks. A better before pic I guess. In all seriousness I need more consistency/discipline (knowing is one thing, doing is another…)

Strange thing is I get up at 6:30 in the morning on T/TH to go condition at the school (no there aren’t hot girls that lift there (anymore), actually there are but not one I would be interested in)

I backhanded a kid in school today for slapping me. Yes I probably should’ve done more because he basically slapped me unprovoked, but he wasn’t looking for a fight. + It was in a room and I didn’t want to get suspended/expelled (not worth the trouble). And yes the teacher apparently did see me backhand him, but teacher likes me and not him

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This what happened lol?


pretty much

Deadlifts/ cleans, weighted battle ropes, split squats/reverse lunges (circuit)
Heavi(er) resisted sprinting

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Pre w/o: dinner, cheiros
Warmup- vertical/broad jumps x alot (unloaded and loaded), 3 depth jumps
3x6 sec tuck front lever holds

SGHP from hang work up to 3RM- 135 x3 top set, grip almost slipped open, felt alot in lower back
SGHP 3x clusters @120 lbs , 7,7,7 per cluster, now I know what a steel bar hitting quads feel like
SGHP 3x 5-4-3-2-1 @ 95 lbs, took more like 20 seconds, hand popped open on 2nd HDL set 3 and last HDL on set 2
No RDLs because parents called me inside

Notes- grip issue
Notes pt2- sub freezing weather training in a jacket is still hot
Notes pt 3-tried to do some ring chins, hard af

TH conditioning
Squats/rear delt flys/abs circuit
Resisted sprint/pushup/resisted sprint back / squat technique work (read sit there recovering breath)

Traps, forearms and hamstrings all very sore
Also caught a cold sometime last night or the night before