Elbow Problem

Every time both of my elbows reach about 100 degrees of flextion , theres this click and doesn’t bother pressing much but doing horizontal tricep work is the pits (I never really did it for a long time because of this)

The exact spot is in the inner part of my elbow (on the right arm , the left side of the elbow)

It always been sometimes getting worse , sometimes getting better ,

what could be the cause of it , maybe weak tricep tendons ( I only started doing tricep work very late cause I’m that of a noob that I used my lats for pushdowns ) and got a lot of ize from pressing and couldn’t really get to doing any full extntions , although one time when I was without a gym I was doing a lot of one armed pushups everyday and it didn’t bother me for a while now it does although the OA pushups are lighter and easier (and I’m not doing them since I got iron again)

any ideas? thanks ahead…