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Elbow Problem

I am a 46 year old who has been weight training/cardio training for more than 20 years. Saw a specialist yesterday who advised that my elbow which I cant extend fully and is very rigid and restricted in movement, is arthritic. He has suggested that while physio might help, little can be done. I experience pain while benchpressing and when doing bicep curls so would welcome any advice or guidance re the following.

Which chest exercises would be best as an alternative to benching - (current max - 240-260) I use a pec dec to finish my current chest workout.

Which exercise/s will enable me to work my arms fully - when raising arm it wont flex beyond 120 degrees

Can anyone recommend an elbow support which might help?

I would appreciate it if those of the opinion that I should ‘retire gracefully’ would keep those opinions to themselves.

Many Thanks in anticipation.


Try ART. Active Release Therapy. It worked for my elbow.

Fish oil is helpful for arthritis. Zostrix HP is also very helpful for the pain.

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Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate your guidance. Bushy, I live in Northern Ireland so it might be difficult to get alflutops -human grade or otherwise. Anyone got any suggestions re alternative exercises and/or elbow supports/straps.


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