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Elbow Position when Squating


Hi, weird question re elbow position, basically when I squat my elbows point in different directions, I cant seem to get them the same, what am I lacking shoulder flexability or?

Does anyone else have this problem?


Yup I have the same exact problem. I assumed my problem was that I broke my collar bone a couple years ago so my shoulders are uneven. (The broken collar bone is shorter and is at a different angle.) I too would be interested if anyone knows a solution for this problem.


Could be imbalance in the tightness of your pecs, lats, etc or shoulder external rotation, etc, etc. Check out Mike Robertson’s Access and Correct or see if you can get a qualified person to give you an assessment.


Cheers mate, I cant seem to find any exercises, is there an article like the mobility 8 thing or?
Maybe its pecs or lats, they seem quite tight, I try and get a decent amount of stretching in, I was thinking for shoulders as well as dislocates with a broom stick, I was going to just sit in the bottom position of the snatch for time, like maybe 10 sets of 1 min on off days? I feel a good stretch in my pecs doing those, and then gradually work my hand in closer?

What do you reckon? I have added much more lower body stretching in, like things for glutes etc, got it from T-Nation articles and stuff, never really found any gd lat/pec stuff though, for lats I generally just hang from the pull up bar for a few minutes.