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Elbow Position for Military Press


Hi CT,

i have a question regarding military press. in your recent article on the best grip for big lifts you say that the best position for military press is to have your arms directly beneath the bar. however in you 6 weeks to superhero videos ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j91_WcuCqpI ) you labour the point about the shoulder shelf with elbows up/forward. what approach is best?



I've honestly found squeezing your butt, and getting a SLIGHT lean by thrusting your hips forward (NOT bending at your thoracic spine) will give you the largest press. This is for strength, and not "superhero gymbrah shoulders". Ironically, it seems most people who perform lifts so 'correctly' never actually grow, because of overly meticulous form, causing an imploding effect resulting in.....no gain jeffrey.

As for arm position, not too far up with the elbows, and of course, avoiding your arms aiming away from you. It's a simple movement. Over-analyzed. I won't write a dissertation, so try to find a way to get the most weight overhead strict, and you'll get stronger and bigger.


My article has the most up-to-date info... in an ideal world the bar would be on the shoulder shelf BUT with the elbows under the bar.


thanks CT and poster. appreciate it as always