Elbow Pains

Ever since I began weight training I’ve always loved doing triceps due to the pump I get and their propensity for growth. One drawback to this emphasis has been the elbow pain I’ve developed in the past year or so. My left elbow is always tender and is painful during pretty much any triceps exercise and after training as well. The pain, I believe, orignates from a tendon attachment on my left cubital, but I could be wrong. Anybody else have this same kind of pain, and if so what did you do about it that worked? Thanks for your help…

I too occasionally get elbow pain (left more than right). I started warming up more before doing arms and it really helped me. I usually stretch and do super lite sets of several moves. I used to just work thru the pain in the past but now if I have joint pain I’ll wait a little longer to do those sets. Luck.

Yeah I have pain like that also, I started taking about 2 grams of glucosamine after workout and before I start working out a massasage all around the elbows it helps out so much. Also start with low weights on your tris to get them nice and warm.

I strongly recommend you read the t-mag article ‘eccentric excericise,a solution to tendonitis’.The info in this article helped me eradicate a case of elbow tendonitis that would not go away no matter what I tried.