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Elbow Pain


My right external elbow hurst a bit when I do bicep curls.
(I guess it's tennis elbow)
The pain,even if just a little,comes and goes,but it annoys me because I can't get rid of it for good.

So, are there any specific exercises to strenghten up my elbows so I solve this once and for all ?



How often do you work your triceps?


Very little,maybe once a week


I have tendonitis in my left elbow. It comes and goes. It seems to stay at bay if I work my forearms more, especially reverse wrist curls. Dont try to use a lot of weight doing this, just enough you can do about 10-15 reps.

Also, make sure you really warm up your arms before you start your workout. If I just jump in and go my elbows will end up hurting. Take time to warm up with 3-5 light sets to pump blood into the tricep. Good luck!!


the main reason you have elbow pain is because you have an imbalance in the muscles of your arm..... so if you have weak tri's and forearms you will have pain in your elbow when you work your biceps.


I'll add forearm exercises and more triceps to my workouts.


just do very light bicep curls, like 5lbs. and variations of bicep curls to help u recover.


I hope you meant that as an answer to "how often do you DIRECTLY work your triceps".