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Elbow Pain

On wednesday, I did the following workout:

Overhead Press 140lb 5x5
Chins bw(=175lb)+65lb 5x5
Dips bw+110lb 5x5

(The weight given is for my top set, which I worked up to over the previous 4 sets.)

I woke up on Thursday with a fair amount of elbow pain and I still have it now. If I extend my arm in front of me, the pain is on the inside of my elbow in between the two lumps - right where you give yourself a dead arm in the funny bone.

Any thoughts? I’ve been doing the same workout for a few weeks now (I want to build up to 155lbx5 on presses, 85lbx5 on chins and 135x5 on dips) and haven’t had any problems, so why would the pain suddenly appear now? I’m thinking maybe try some elbow wraps and finger extensions with rubber bands?

I’d really appreciate any help.

I have the same pain, in exactly the same spot on my elbow. What I have been doing is (especially after workouts) putting ice into a big bowl full of water and soaking my elbow in it. This helps some with the irritation.

In my case, this elbow pain has been a nagging one. It was doing better and then I did some weighted chin-ups recently, after which it resurfaced.

Ok, thanks - I’ll try that. Hopefully it’ll help. Otherwise I’m going to cut out overhead pressing to see if the reduced extensor work helps.

By your description, likely medial epicondylitis (aka golfers or little leaguers elbow).




I get some elbow pain during heavy overhead lifting, too. It usually clears up without two days unless I do something that puts more strain on it. Unfortunately my workout with overhead pressing also has me doing one-arm dumbbell rows, which seem to make the elbow on my supporting arm hurt more.

i get a pain in my elbow whenever i touch it on a table, do skull crushers, or other tricep extension exercises. it feels like a pain similar to a bruised elbow.