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Elbow Pain

Direct bicep exercises (particularly when “turning out” DBs) and certain tricep exercises (particularly skull crushers) inflame/irritate the tendon in the elbow of my right arm. Would wearing an elbow sleeve/support help?

OK bro ive had this for years and recently fixed it with 25 cents and 5 minutes.

Buy some rubber bands wrap them around fingers and press out doing the opposite move of that of gripping something. You sound to have tendonitis. This should make marked improvement in one day just pump that sucker to failure then remove a band keep going etc. do it 5 mins a day or when ever you have a spare second.Will also improve grip.

Other than that slow heavy eccetrics help. lift DB with two hand lower slow with one.

Fish oils namely Flameout. Yes will sound like a blatant pimp but fish oils helped me a lot then Flameout came out and before I was thorugh with one bottle near all my elbow tendonitis was Gone.

Hope these help,