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Elbow Pain

I have been experiancing some elbow pain and weakness while doing skull crushers and french presses. I searched the site and found some similar posts that suggested this might be related to weak forearms.

Can anyone second this or provide some quick feedback?

I have been substituting cable tricep ext. untill I can get back to using free weights.


A powerlifter buddy of mine resolved a similar elbow problem by training the wrist and finger extensors. His preferred training equipment: a rubber band.

Duck-bill your hand (like you’re making a mouth) and put a regular rubber band around the fingerttips, near the fingernails. Open your hand as much as possible, then close. I think he would do a set of 20 or so, a few times throughout the day. It may be worth trying out.

I appreciate the advice and will try the rubber band exercise.

I am a little sceptical though because I have been rock climbing for about four years now and have done many hand/grip and wrist exercises over the years.

Hopefully the rubber band does the trick!

[quote]maveric wrote:
I am a little sceptical though because I have been rock climbing for about four years now and have done many hand/grip and wrist exercises over the years.[/quote]

That may be further evidence. Have you always balanced flexor (gripping) and extensor (“opening”) work? An imbalance in those groups could certainly effect the entire arm.

I agree with the recommendation for more wrist/hand exersizes to balance the arm muscles. I would also suggest you try using an EZ-curl bar for those exersizes if you’re not already. I had similar problems and the use of the EZ-curl and dumbells seemed to alleviate alot of the pain.

I have experienced a similar pain, and it turns out it was tennis elbow/low grade tendonitis caused by repetitive stress in explosive pushing movements.

I would definitely recommend getting it assessed by a healthcare professional prior to assuming that it may be forearm weakness.

If it is tendonitis, just ice alot, rest a little and ease back into things. You also might want to consider using a brace or wrap, depending on the severity.

Being “humorous” about it definitely expedites the healing process. (I had to.)

“humorous” haha, I get it. I get jokes.

Well that definitly stikes a chord, not working my hands and wrists the other way. It makes perfect sense, but it has never occured to me to work the opposing muscles. I do with everything else, why not hands.

I might as well see a health care professional as I have three free visits at the campus doctor but I am really weary of doctors because they usually give the advice of whatever company has them in thier pocket.

I will talk to a few of my friends in the kineseology (sp?) department and see what they say.

Thanks for the advice guys.

The other thing you should do is vary the angles in your triceps exercises. For example, vary DB and Barbell triceps extensions, do elbows out DB extensions. Doing a set of curls in between your triceps sets can help also.

Another trick is to use chains so as to have the load lighter when you have worst leverage and increase the load as leverage improves.