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Elbow Pain

Yesterday, I had to cut my chest workout short because of my right elbow. It wasn’t a searing, screaming pain, more like a “if you don’t stop now, I will show you why having health insurance is a horrible idea” pain.

This has come and gone for 6-8 weeks now. It used to be more prevalent on db flyes, so I switched to pec-deck/cables. Now, the pain is there on presses.

The strange thing is then when I am working my triceps, there is no pain at all. My thought is that oerhaps this is because I more fully warm up the elbow joint before a tricep workout with three or four light pressdown sets.

I’m going to try the pressdown warmup next time, and I also purchased some glucosamine/condroitian with MSM.

Knowing this, two questions:

  1. Is there anything else–physically–that any of you could recommend?

  2. Any tips with the G/C? I’ve never taken it before. (Never had to, although I think it is more of a preventative, than a curative.)


Try tracking the elbow joint with a jump-stretch band. This takes pressure off the joint, helps everything realign properly, and gets blood in there to help with the repair process.
I have also had great luck with a cheep, neoprean “wet-suit type material” arm support; these don’t really give any support which is good, they just help to keep the joint warm which is what you want.

Also, be sure you have a brace for each arm, so as not to favor one arm while lifting. If you have big arms then just go for a medium to large leg-knee brace from your local sporting goods store. Don’t forget to train all the forearm extensor muscles (muscles on top of the forearm). If there is a muscle imbalance between the forearm flexors and extensors then your Ulna and Radius won’t be in their neutral position and will lead to elbow pain.