Elbow Pain

peace everyone, recently i would say the last 6 months, when benching (fb,dbb, inc.b, dec.b,dips) my elbows have been doing major screaming, my poundage has come way down in the mean time, if i even try anything over 225lbs, theres intense pain but only when i bench/dip,

i’m sure i do an efficent warmup, dl and other excercises seem to be ok, i’m 41 and absolutely love working out, but i can’t figure what’s the problem? i’m doing the Waterbury method and on off days doing light things like the kbell swing walk and now 100 reps for certain annoying areas like my elbows and lower back, i’ll do a 4 hr interval, 20 at a time, good mornings and pushups…does anyone experience this? any info would be highly appreciated…peace

I’ve got the same problem. It’s inevitable, after years of lifting, your joints are going to hurt. Like you, mine is especially bad in my elbows. I use elbow wraps when working tri’s, and it helps if for no other reason than it keeps them warm. I also take glucosimine, and it has helped. You may want to take a pain reliever before working out, and avoid lifts that cause too much pain.

When was the last time you took an off week? Maybe you’re overdue on that.

where is the pain specifically and describe the pain. I had tennis elbow from ju jitsu. I stayed away from skull crushers, used ice after workouts, and stretched and massaged the muslces around the joint and that worked after a while.

If you have tendonitis maybe the following article will help.


Eccentric Exercise
A Solution to Tendonitis?
by Peter Blanchonette

peace, thanks for the suggestions…the pain is destinctively in the point of the elbow, i would say the bone if thats what it is, if i prop myself up on my bows it’s mad painful, for todays portion of chest i did fly’s just so i wouldn’t have to deal with the pain, and i hate fly’s, i can do rack lockouts with minimal pain, but standard benching is a lesson in teeth gritting. i’ll check that link to see if it could be helpful, funny thing is once i start my 100 rep day my elbows seem to be ok??? so takin aspiran before workout is a exceptable solution? what about when it wears off? even now i’m sitting with ice packs on them…i’m gettin old…

just check that link and that sounds about exactly like my elbows, now i need to figure out how to incorporate that into the waterbury method routine, any suggestions?