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Elbow Pain

10 years of heavy lifting have taken a toll on my elbows. Yeah, I should have varied my grip/exercises/ taken more time off over the years. But i didn’t. Anyway, I’ve always always trained naturally, but the supps in the store aren’t helping (glucosamine, MSM). Is there aything else out there that might help me out? I’m not interested in size or strength, just something to help heal my elbows. Thanks.

If the supps aren’t helping there is only one thing to do…Amputation!!! Just kidding. Call Dr Leahey’s office for a referral for ART. 719-473-7000. My ART guy only charges me $25 per visit. I saw Leahey and he charged me $150 and each follow up visit was $100. He is the best though. I would have done more visits and paid, but my vaction was over. Anyway, Active Release Teqnique works. Probably 2-4 visits. Cheaper than supps. that don’t work. Good luck.

What is ARP? Is it some sort of deep tissue massage? Electrical stimulation?

Read my interview with Dr. Leahy in issue #63 of T-mag. It’s called “The Real Miracle Worker”.

Take a look at this article from T-Mag: http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_114eex.html …may be of some use. Cheers.

I had a very strange (but positive) experience with regarding osteoarthritis in my knee. It was so bad I was having a lot of trouble going up and down stairs. I really wanted to avoid anti-inflamatories if I could, so I was taking supplements by the handful…for weeks. At first, it seemed to be doing ‘something’, but it was not knocking out the pain.

After about 10 weeks of this, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to my doctor. Of course, he gave me anti-inflamatories. I took one in the evening and one the next morning, and all pain disappeared. And that was it! Now, I have nearly a full bottle of the script (minus the 2 doses) and several bottles of supplements that I haven’t touched in about 6 weeks.

In hind sight, I wish I hadn’t been so stubborn about not getting the anti-inflammatory. I think it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary pain. Its great to be doing squats and lunges again.

Where is your elbow pain? What aggravates it? (be speciffic with describing the exercises that make it worse; hand position,point in the ROM, Etc…)

Its the “outer” elbow. Both of 'em. And i think my increased computer use is agravating whatever problems i had from before.
As for the exercises that trigger it- dips are a killer. I used to strap on up to 135 lbs on dips, now i can’t even add 25 lbs without it hurting. (I’m pretty sure heavy dips are what brought this about). other than that, there really isn’t any exercise that’s worse than any other. What typically happens is - I’m fine for my first pressing movement (bench or incline), it starts getting aggravated durring the second (incline or flat db), then I’m lucky to get 2 sets out of over head presses before i have to stop due to pain.
I’m going to give that number a call and see if there’s an ARP practioner around me. Thanks for the responses.