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Elbow Pain


So every once in a while I'll get some elbow/bicep insertion pain in my left arm but it goes away almost at once when Im done working out. But last week and this week almost every thing I do has been causing both to ache.

Doing squats the other day made them hurt just from squeezing the bar and today I tried to do some blast strap push-ups and they were having none it.

Any one have an idea of what I could do to help?


If it as bad as you say, you may be close to tearing your bicep at the elbow. I had bad pain there for everything for awhile and finally after an MRI the doc told me I was probably a month of training away from tearing my bicep. Take it easy on direct bicep work, pullups, curls, or at least use straps, which will take some of the perssure off the arms to grip.
Aslo the torque put on the arm while benching can aggravate the issue. I started doing all dumbbell work and used a cambered bar for squats.
If you have any more questions PM me and /I will try to find my program I did that summer.


Thanks, I did some rolling today with a racketball then iced it down helped some. I'll use the SSB for a while and DB's. Benching has defanently been the bigest aggregator so far. But I guess its a good thing I have only done curls...once this year...maybe