Elbow Pain...

I’ve noticed this after heavy benching, anyone else suffer and if so how do you deal with it?

Currently taking 2 fish oil caps twice daily and think I’m going to start on glucosamine and chondroitin too.

Also I think I’m going to stop locking out on bench and weighted dips to see if that makes a difference.

Any advice?

I also have some pain in my left elbow, but mine seems to happen when I do curls. I was told by a theropist that even though it feels like its in the elbow, it’s actually the muscles around it being so tight. It helped me a great deal to have that worked on. Not sure if you have the same problem, but it is something to consider… Good luck and train hard…

My elbows were pretty screwed up before. i would get a bad pain in my left elbow during benching as well a deep soreness in both elbows after benching.

my elbows are now 100% due to massage. i felt around my elbow joints and massaged all the tender/painful parts for 9 days until those parts were no longer tender/painful to push on, and afterwards my elbows were perfect.

ART therapy and high rep band pressdowns will usually sort it.

You might be doing a tricep excercise that has aggravated the elbows and it only comes to the surface during benches so look into changing that up.

Just stretching the triceps and forearms a lot after training will ease things, this also might be all you need

Could be due to muscle imbalance as well. I’ve had issues with both my elbow. Lots of cortazone (sp?), surgury on both, and prolotherapy. At the end of the day none of this provided a permanent solution for me.

I since been doing grip work, “expand your hands bands”, levering, etc. They feel perfect now. I am pretty sure it was work on the top part of the forearm that did it for me. different levers, reverse wrist curls, the bands, etc.