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Elbow Pain vs Jerk Full Grip


After looking some videos I decided to use a closed/full grip (for instance, kloklov mentions this).
cons: I began to feel elbow pains. Only my left elbow is “claiming”, but I suspect the other will begin to feel some jealous.
pros: safe movement.

I used an open (finger tips) grip for the jerk. It was almost the same grip as the one used during the clean. I only increased the width between hands.
cons: it was an unstable jerk for some reasons.
pros: I didn´t feel the previousily mentioned elbow pain

Does anybody experienced this?
Does anybody know how to solve (for good… not only ice…) this pain?

I posted in this section because the elbow pain emerged right after I implemented this variation


Hard to tell without a video.

You might not have the mobility to do a full grip.
It could just be your body also getting use to it.
Maybe you are putting too much torque on your elbow (mobility and arm length issue).

I use to get elbow pain C&J and Front Squatting. It all stemmed from mobility or putting my grip too close and not 2-3 inches wider.

Post a video of both with front and side views. Only real way for us internet folk to help you out.


“…and not 2-3 inches wider”

I know when the solution is right in front of your eyes and don´t see it? That´s the case!

I remember, but I confess that are so many videos from so many sources that I can´t precise what, this wider distance you mentioned.

Thanks isdanutty!

I will post the video after a recovery time (without front squats and cj´s …lol).


Watch different lifters. See how their rack position is. Some are really wide some are really narrow. Your mobility and forearm length will determine that.


I’m not sure you know what the words “total” and “absolutely” mean, my man.


Error corrected.

Thanks, flappinit.


Is there any other changes you made to your training? Like added pull ups, curls, or amy elbow joint movement?

If anything - I would expect pressure on shoulder, not elbow.



Funny thing is that one fellow is claiming for the same problem.

I decided to open the jerk grip again and I had three training sessions after such decision. Until now the pain is gone.

I saw one instructional video which recommends 2-3 sets for 3 reps of front squat with light load, but with straps, holding the bar in the close grip (with the palm), not in a open grip (with the finger nails). In a long term basis, it is expected to develop a close grip.

I bought the straps and I am waiting receive it by mail.