Elbow Pain Tendonitis Maybe?

help please. what can be done for this pain? i cant really lift at all currently…not good.left elbow hurts inside and outside of joint…pretty much any exercise i do hurts now…

How long has it hurt? Do you have a history of shoulder stiffness or injury?

Try these out…

Hey man, I’ve been having a ton of tendonitis/tendonosis in the elbows. How effective do you think this is? Been thinking about buying the voodoo floss. How often do you have to wrap up like that, and how long does it take to make a difference? Is it a matter of a few days, or is it a longer process than that?

If there’s nothing major like muscle tear/huge amounts of scar tissue etc then it’s suprisingly effective. If it is going to make some kind of positive change to your condition then you might feel at least a bit of improvement pretty much straight away or def the next workout.

I tried it for a bout 3-4 rounds of 90 secs every other day.
The general recomendation seems to be a few vigourous 20 mins sessions(say 2mins on, 2 mins off) and then do it once during the workout immediatley before a movement that pisses off the joint.

After a couple weeks it can make a pretty big difference

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ordering now…

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