Elbow Pain - Pulled, Strained or Torn Tendons?

Ok i was doing a cycle after comin off a pec injury and of course i went too heavy on flat bench and on my way up I felt a big pain in both elbows. I was able to get the bar up, but the best way I can describe is that I almost blew out my elbows. I am thinking it is a pulled tendon.The pain I felt was mostly discomfort in the elbow and in certain motions I felt pain. How would I know if it was a pull, a tear or a strain and how long will it take to heal . It has been 2 1/2 months off from traning.I was just starting to feel no discomfort so I just started back with flyes only for chest and I still feel pain and but mainly discomfort after training which lasts for almost a week… any suggestion