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Elbow Pain Injury


hello everyone.

Ok, i have recently been training at chins, i used to get pretty bad medial elbow pain. but by changing the way i grip the dumbells, "thumb on to thumbless" i overcame, and eventually i was able to do chins again. i mhad been kicking ass at them for the past two mounths. then i threw some pushups into my routine to start getting back into the pressing habit. i figured..."stupidly i guess" that this wouldnt be a bad idea. well i got away with the pushups a few workouts. i wasnt doing pushups and chins on the same day mind you. but then after doing them one day about 3-4 days ago, i got a terrible pain in my elbows. by the way i was using the prefect pushups handle things that rotate on the floor(maybe this had something to do with it?)

    at any rate. my elbows are in pain now, they hurt when i pull or push on things. ive wondered if this is possibly a ligament issue, but as you can tell by my typing im not so educated on these things, i have dealt with alot of pain in my knee due to medial arthritis.

im going to lay off for the next two weeks and try to rehab my elobows, i read an article buy the Thib about how proportionatley strong your foreams are to the rest of your arms. and this might be the cause of alot of my injuries because ive never really develpoed my forarms to match the rest of me. and id like to do so.

    I realize that this entails development of not only the forearm itself , but the grip strength too. but ive also heard that its very possible to injure your foreams or wrists trying to work on grip and forams at the same time(and yes i realize that technically this is the same thing) what i mean is that doing forearm curls and using the roller then going to use the grip thing might be a bad idea from what ive read. So i want to be safe. 

    could anybody possible point me in the direction of a program i could use to develope and fully address all the areas of my forearms and hands>? i dont want to leave any stones unturned. any input would be greatly appreceated.

thanks again,


Medial elbow pain is almost always an OVERuse of the forearms. The last thing you want to do is add a bunch of gripping work. Especially when it's something that already hurts you!

Read this and give it a shot: http://b-reddy.org/2011/09/15/get-rid-of-inner-elbow-pain-aka-medial-epicondylitis-aka-golfer%E2%80%99s-elbow/

Nearly positive that will give you relief.

And stop doing chins and push-ups with those handles for a while. Push ups with your hands flat on the ground (the normal way) should be alright.

Let me know how this goes.


Hey man,

        Thank you so much for your reply.

yes, its horrible to be doing so well with chins and to then get this shit all over again.
i have some massage training, but im not exactly sure as to the techniques of friction i should use on my medial epicondile. so technically i can train my extensors of the forearm?
thats good. and then my finger extensors. i guess id better get busy with that. but ive also heard that using elbow sleeves can help this problem. im going to give these a try., but my elbow pain started after i threw in those pushups... is it possible for the epcondiles to get inflames from pushups too? i guess so, there is stress on that area fro it, but my triceps were a little week , so im going to work on them i guess lightly and bring the imbalance up.
take care man, thank you again, and ill hit you back with my progress. i appreceate it very much.