Elbow Pain from Pressing.

The last few months I’ve been experiencing elbow pain only during pressing movements. Does anyone have any suggestions to help fix the problem? I’ve tried some soft tissue work on my forearms as well as a high does of fish oil and both have helped to a degree.

Is there anything I can start including in a warm-up or exercise I can include to relieve the pain and fix the problem?

Hmmm, I think I have a similar problem, however, its just in my left elbow. It kinda feels like something shifts over my ulnar nerve and sends a shooting pain down my whole forearm and pinky finger.

I’ve had this for years.

Its only in my left elbow as well, I feel nothing at all in my right. No shooting pain though, more like a throbing right along the tendons inside the elbow.

I am also having some elbow pain @ lockout, but only the left elbow. Started about 3 weeks ago.

Taking a week off helped, but its still there. I can’t pop it like I can on my right side. It feels as if there’s extra fluid in the joint, although not visibly in any way. I have no nerve pain though.

I don’t know what to do either to rehab it.

Sounds like tennis elbow, I get into it with a tennis ball and give it a good massage every other day. A bit of time off is the best thing, substitute front squats (not clean grip) for back squats and DB press for BB bench press (if neutral grip helps it) for a while.

When I can’t take time off a tennis elbow brace helps, it’s a cheap strap with velcro that goes just below the elbow. Wrapping the wrists lightly may also help.

I have the same pain, elbow to pinky and I find that wrist wraps work well for pressing movements as far as rehab goes I like band pressdowns inbetween sets on the bench to get some blood flow going.