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Elbow Pain for after Pulling or Pushing


Since a while now i have an elbow pain in both arms. It’s in the inside part my arm. During workouts there’s no problem, but the following days are very painful as soon as i use my arms in rotation or if i squeeze something in my arm (a bit like squeeze press).
I took a long rest and stretch myself a lot. I’m very disapointed that it doesn’t work.

Any idea or specialist to refer?



Sounds like you irrated your elbow tendon. I had something like that a few years back. You won’t want to hear this but I had to lay off all training that involved pulling for 6 months. Pushing didn’t seem to bother it. The next day I didn’t feel any pain. I tried to do puilling after 3 months and the pain came back it wasn’t as intense but it did return. So a 6 month lay off shold do it. Do what I did and focus on pushing and squatting.

Good luck


6 months it’s a lot. It’s already been 3 monts since my last upper body workout. I melted,

Thank you for your help


The elbow is complex. Like you mentioned, there is rotation of the forearm and shoulder that happens when you extend or flex your arms.

The triceps( 3 heads) biceps( 2 heads) forearms( brachialis? Forearm"flexors"?) and a bunch of stuff I don’t even know about all have to work together to get it right.

Sometimes your exercise selection over uses some muscles, and under uses other muscles. Over time, this leads to imbalances, which cause the joint to move incorrectly, which makes the imbalance worse. The overuse/improper use and joint moving wrong eventually cause inflammation and pain. You’ve heard of “the lazy head of the triceps” or “golfer’s elbow.” Overuse and underuse issues!

You have to retrain your elbows to work right.

For the triceps, try band Pushdowns for high reps(100+). Just like Louie Simmons says.Think about doing some with your elbows “in” some with your elbows “out” and some with your arms over your head. The bands are good because you can change the angle of your wrists and elbows to make the extensions pain free. If it hurts, don’t do it, that’s the overused muscle/movement pattern. If it feels good, do it. That’s using the under developed muscles.

Weird stuff can happen with your biceps too. Sometimes the brachialis and forearms muscles start pulling harder than the biceps. If this is the case alternating dumbbell curls with a twist, that really hit the bicep Will feel great. Reverse curls, that hit the forearms will feel like torture. So find what doesn’t hurt, and do that to retrain The way your arm “flexes.”

Don’t get discouraged! Even if you can’t bend your arms you can do;

-Fly motions for chest
-Delt raises for shoulders
-Shugs standing, leaning forward, chest supported, or laying face down.
-Straight arm pull downs on a cable for lats.

Also, don’t neglect your shoulders. I like this.


Yeah, some allready told me that my forearms are really big compared to my biceps and tris, especially my flexors.
I’ll try to read more about it and try to start curls and tris with band like you said.
Thank you for your ideas about upperbody exercice.
Really appreciate


The only thing is that i dont feel pain during workouts… It is always the following days


Man, I’m not sure.

It could be that your elbows are “warm” enough to feel good during the workout.

Or, they will feel OK as long as your hands are gripped tightly, but moving with an open hand hurts.

Maybe you’re cool until your big forearm flexors get tight, after lifting. Then they pull shit out of whack.

You mentioned stretching. Are you stretching your wrists/forearms?

Also, using the wrist roller usually makes my arms feel pretty good. When you roll “knuckles up” you develop the muscles on top of your forearm, while stretching the muscles on the bottom. And vice versa, the other way.


I spend most of my stretching time on my arms including the wrists. I think i’ll try these things with moderate work to see where it leads me ;).