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Elbow Pain During the Snatch


Does anyone else get pain ih there elbows, both on the internal side beneath the bicep and on the outside of the arm during the snatch? I'm not sure if it has something to do with flawed technique or if it is just doing more volume than I am used to lately. I've been thinking about getting some elbow sleeves, but I'm not sure I'm cool enough to pull those off whilst training. Does anyone use something similar?


give this a try and see if it helps.



Failing that, smash some ibuprofen before training and see if that helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Great link. I want to see more of this recovery stuff. Damn that Finnish guy sounds English!

Here it is embedded:


I find that a bit too when I increased the volume / weights. I think it is because the bar crashes down on me a little for snatches. Also with locking the elbows out hard for jerks. If you find something that helps I'd be interested to hear it. Would like to see if it works for me.


I've tried rolling out the forearm. Seems to help a bit, but not much. Ice helps. It isn't enough pain to stop me from training, just annoying.

Has anyone tried elbow sleeves? MDUSA sells some by Skins compression wear that I might try.


I'd say that if rolling and ice help a little, then an elbow sleeve could be compared to a bandaid; it'll help short term, but really just cover up the real issue.

Perhaps you need stronger elbow flexors/extensors (biceps/triceps). Worth a shot?


I had that too for a while. Doing Upperbody exercises with reps between 5-10 (Chins, Dips, Benchpress, Rowing and sometimes even arm isos) has helped me though.


I actually have been doing more upper body work recently, and it does seem to be helping. Did some curls for the first time in I don't know how long today.


haha i did curls for the first time EVER today in the hope that it would help with my elbows. i felt obliged to tell everyone who noticed me curling that i was doing it to help my elbows on snatches lol.

i've learned something about my snatches...

i thought that the proper position for my shoulders to support the bar overhead was for them to be shrugged up into the bar.
it was suggested to me that the proper position for my shoulders to support the bar overhead was for my shoulders to be drawn down and back, however.
just pulling them into that later position puts my wrists into a better position for supporting the weight overhead (something i've also been having trouble with).

i have been doing facepulls, scapular push-ups, and internal / external shoulder rotation stuff... i think i need to work more on setting my upper back / shoulders into the correct position. both in the start, in maintaining it during the lift, and for the catch.

maybe you have something similar going on?

have you tried wall slides with your shoulder blades pulled back together hard? i have a little trouble getting my arms held out straight in a snatch position without letting my shoulders shrug up. guess i've got some work to do...

edit -- sorry, main point being that when my upper back / shoulders are set right my elbows feel great. when my shoulders / upper back isn't set right then my elbows get a bit of a beating.


i reckon i've the same problem as you, i noticed while doing it with a stick that my shoulders were up and a bit rotated.


concerning the MWOD video at the top.... what is "tack and stretch"?


I'm not 100% on this, but I assume it is 'tacking' the musculature down (ie. pinning it) and taking it through the necessary range of motion.


on a (perhaps) related note i need to remember to try and hold my limbs (arms, legs) in their sockets properly before taking them through their range of motion. mine are a little bit loose in their sockets and need to work whatever stabilizing stuffs holds them securely in place. especially with my legs otherwise i get anterior impingement with the bones.