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Elbow Pain During Bench Press?


I recently started to experience elbow pain during my bar bench press. When it happened to my left elbow I honestly thought I was going to buckle on my left side. It only happened from the top of the movement to about 1/4 of the way down to my chest, after that it no longer hurt. I finished my reps and felt my elbow/bicep throbbing. Not exactly my bicep, but more like "underneath" my bicep if that makes any sense.

I was curious and grabbed a db and curled it a few times, no bicep paint to speak of but the area underneath my bicep was still throbbing. Any ideas as to why and any solution to the problem?


Could it be your brachialis? I had a heavy dumbell get away from me while doing shoulder presses and it bent my arm back the wrong way and really screwed up my rotator cuff and brachialis. The weird part is I would only feel it with certain kinds of elbow/wrist bends, IE benching.


no pain no gain, man.

some pain in your joints is a sign that your work out is working.

when i bench press my elbow cracks and grinds, but thats just a mental barrier you have to overcome.

get back in there and bench till your arm falls off!


Are you serious? Mental barrier?

Anyway, it's probably tendonitis. I know the pain you are describing. Two years ago, I remember the first time I felt it, the pain was almost unbearable and didnt go away for a few days. I just took a couple weeks off from heavy pressing and got back into it slow. Nowadays, I can usually feel the pain setting in and can tell when I need to back off the pressing.

Most often this is what I hear people doing to deal with this, as well as ice and ibuprofen.

Good luck,


You're joking right?

There's bad pain and there's good pain. This is bad pain.
Next time you feel bad pain, don't finish your set. And ice immediatly.