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Elbow 'Pain' Ceased?

A couple of days ago I played multiple games and sports that involved backhanded swinging motions. Ultimate frisbee for an hour or so, Racquetball for an hour, and air hockey. In addition to this I lifted weights as well.

Well, by the end of it my right elbow was feeling a bit overworked, and the next day when I went to play racquetball I found that my backhand swings caused a minor discomfort in my elbow.

I stopped doing backhanded swings for the majority of my practice, but when I played a game against someone I started again, at first there was a minor discomfort, but after a short while of play, my arm felt completely fine.

It remained feeling fine for the rest of the day, and all through the following day.

Why might this have been the case? was playing through the discomfort a bad idea, even if it alleviated the discomfort?

Playing racquetball through elbow pain is a really bad thing to do because it can easily turn a small injury into a long term chronic problem. If you played through the injury and it got better then it just was not much of an injury, but I doubt that the playing itself contributed to it healing.