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Elbow pain btw my elbow and triceps. Hurts most when I do skullcrushers

Does anyone know what this is. I never really worked on my triceps until 6 months ago and experienced a lot of muscle growth. I followed this program that made my arms grow 1 and a half inches in 8 weeks. Anyway, I started to feel pain in my elbow (only my left arm, my right arm is fine)right above it before my triceps especially when I did skullcrushers. I stopped lifting for a month and a half then resumed again about a month ago and I lifted last night and the pain is starting to get unbearable. Is this elbow tendonitis or “tennis elbow” or what?

Anyone. Thanks.

When you bench, does the SAME area hurt at the bottom of the lift? I posted this same problem but with benching…same spot…same ONE arm deal…does it hurt when u bench a barbell?

Medial or lateral?

I get the same thing. I’ve had it for years. Your case sounds just like mine, I started doing skullcrushers, made some great gains. Then as the weights became heavier and heavier, my elbows began to scream. I don’t really know what it is. I just stopped doing skullcrushers, substituting close-grip bench and dumbell extentions. It’s not as good at isolating the tris, but it’s better than having the tendons in your elbow feel like they’re going to pop off. For a while, I stopped working triceps at all due to the pain, counting on heavy bench presses and weighted dips to hit them. Actually, this worked pretty well. I didn’t lose anything, and it allowed the tendon to heal enough to start the other exercises.

It’s like the old joke,

“Hey doc, my arm hurts when I do this!”

And the doctor says, “Don’t do that then.”

Not to make light of your problem, but if a particular exercise aggravates your elbow, find a different one. Any gains you make doing it will be for nothing if it forces you to stop lifting for a month and a half.

Good luck,


If it’s in the medial head where the muscle inserts into the elbow, you’ve likely got a case of tenis elbow. Lots of us get it. I took care of it with a few ART sessions at my chiropractor after suffering for 2 years.

 I'd guess you've been going heavy, low reps for a while now. I've had the same problem. First my left arm, then my right arm too.  Simply switch to a higher rep range of 8-12 reps. I'd recommend you get a good supplement for your tendons at your local pharmacy.

tennis elbow doesn’t always involve swinging a racket and yes, it is very painful. continue to train triceps (using pressdowns) but make sure you ice right after (rubing ice blocks for two minutes on one minute off - total of 10 minutes)and use heat before you exercise. good luck.

Make an appointment with an ART practitioner and get your elbows checked out. Go to www.activerelease.com. Also, skull crushers can be very stressfull to t he elbows so try doing close grip bench presses or reverse grip presses instead.

WAIT! 1.5 Inches in 8 weeks? Those are amazing results! If this wasn’t EDT, please give the details of the workout!

some art sessions worked for me. and squeeze the bar when you are workong out.

I’ll bump a thread called Tendonitis cures change skullcrushers to JM press

Well I just got finished benching today and…NO T-Puppy, it doesn’t hurt when I bench at all. Eric, I don’t know if it’s medial or lateral, I do know that it hurts riight above me left elbow a little to the right side, really bad only when I do skull crushers or dumbbell extention behind the head.

Yup, Budda, I’m in the process of substituting some other exercises for my tri’s wehn I work on them Friday. Rope pressdowns don’t hurt them at all though. Yeh, I guess it’s medial then Porkchop, I’ll schedule an ART appt for this Friday. $75 bucks a visit, that’s a lot of dough…on second thought, I’ll hold off and just do other exercises for a couple of weeks then maybe go see my practitioner.

DIESEL, I know you from somewhere. I won’t say, but it was your program that I was following that caused this, not that it was bad or anything, it’s just that my limbs and tendons are made from cotton candy so I get injured easily.

MIke, I’ll hold off on the ART for about a week or so.

John K, yes those were amazing gains. I also gained a lot of weight during those 8 weeks and used Creatine for the first time then. I also NEVER EVER worked on my triceps before, so all that came into effect. Also, I think DIESEL (if this is the same DIESEL I know) is the guy that, I got the workout from, I can make it a whole new post for you or DIESEL can post it. DOn’t matter to me.