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Elbow Pain - Both Lateral and Inner


Hey guys, i have had some issues with my left elbow for quite a while, at least 3-4 months if not more, rest isn't doing nothing, so i was wondering what possible problems i may have?

Basically if i were to carry anything, say my young brother, which would require my elbows to be bent, my left elbow will hurt, from the inner part, which is related to the bicep tendon if im not mistaken? But if i were to bend my elbow through a full range of motion and once the arm is fully extended, i'll hear a "snap" once it's locked.

I know joint clicks/cracks if not associated with pain are usually fine, but this does bring pain, at least tenderness. An example is sometimes in the past, apon waking up in the morning, i find it hard to fully extend that elbow, and i have to really push it to let it extend, after doing so it'll be tender, now the inner part of the elbow is really hurting, and i only did 10 clapping push ups - which i hardly ever do anyways as i haven't been training much at all lately.

It's begining to be a joke, i have some shoulder issues, clavicle pain, but it's on both sides, so if it were a rupture of bicep tendon or something similar, surely my whole shoulders wouldn't be affected and it would be the left side only.

Could it be the muscle is pulling on the tender or such? My right elbow doesn't click when i fully extend the arm, only on some moves like presses, but it's not associated with pain that i notice.

Any thoughts?




i don't know.

i've been having elbow pain. grumbly achy pain for weeks now.
discovered tonight that my triceps are really tight and knotty under the foam roller. so... i'm going to have a go at getting stuck into releasing that. might check out my biceps for good measure...

worth a shot just in case. perhaps.