Elbow Pain and Squats?

I have been thinking that some sort of pullup grip or bicep work with a straight bar gives me elbow pain but today i really noticed that my elbow is triggered by a squat. My mobility is bad, so i do high bar squats, but those are still hard to do for me.
Also i found out today while stretching that doing this type of stretch really destroys my elbow :


Getting a good stretch in this position shot a sharp pain in my elbow.

Any ideas what to do, what and how to stretch etc?
There are tons of stuff on the net, but i am not sure its really about the same problem.

Have you tried an elbow sleeve?
Or better yet, wrapping your elbow?

And for sure you need to work on more stretches and flexibility.

i dont wanna start using sleeves and wraps as i find it would be a “band-aid” fix until something snaps for real…

what stretches would you recomend?

I don’t have any recommended stretches.

The benefit of sleeves and wraps is that it keeps the muscles closer to the joint (if that makes any sense) and warmer.

My guess is that when you squat you are pushing your elbows forward and up, so as to assist the squat by pressing.

Another thought is holding the bar at the collars so that you cannot press with your hands. A lot of squat racks makes this difficult, but still can be done after unracking the bar.

My problem with squats is that i almost cant grab the bar at all… my first warmups sit on my neck and only when it gets heavier, the weight pushed the bar where it needs to be, and i can just hold it with my fingertips.
If i use and empty bar for a warmup, it sticks like 5 inches above my shoulders/traps, in the air, on my neck :smiley:
i never cared about it, before today as i actually felt that struggling with this actually made my elbow hurt a bit, altho i always tought that something else does this to it.

tagging in @FlatsFarmer as he is usually helpful with this stuff.

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Try different grips and grip widths. I use a thumbs over grip. Some use a talon grip

I cant. There is only 1 miserable way i can kind of get under the bar.

Ask your gym to buy a Safety Squat Bar. Unless you’re a powerlifter, no reason to squat with a straight bar on your back.

Hopefully you’re catching this early, I pushed through this for a long time waaay back in my starting strength days. Had to do a lot of PT for medial epicondylitis (spelled wrong I’m sure), damn tendon hasn’t been right in the 6-7 years since. But yeah, the SSB would be great until flexibility is there, just don’t push through and ruin the tendon.

i think we live in completely different worlds…
but anyways, my goals are powerlifting related, yes.

Many times elbow problems are caused by issues with shoulder stability. Or weak seratus or rotator cuff muscles. Here are a couple easy moves to work on that stuff. There are no good pictures, you’ll have to use your imagination.

This dude is supporting himself with 1 arm. All his shoulder stability muscles are working hard to hold things in place. Especially if that arm stays really straight. If this dude just held this position for awhile, and thought about staying square and tight, he’d build up some shoulder stability.

If you didn’t have a ring you could set up a barbell in the rack and use that instead. If the rib muscles under your arm that support your shoulder are weak you can move your feet back so you’re more upright and you have to support less body weight.

Then you could progress by hanging on longer and longer. Then make the move harder by sliding your feet forward, leaning back more and using more body weight.

Now check out this other guy. He has bent over, moving into that position that hurt you. To make this movement less painful you could put your hand on something higher (like a barbell in the rack) and not bend over as far. You could move through the partial ROM that didn’t hurt. The ROM where you can support your shoulder properly, like before your arm gets all the way over your head. The ROM where you can feel everything working smooth. Then to progress you could lower your hand and bend over a little farther.


Consider front squats, belt squats or stupid zercher squats for awhile until your elbow feels better.

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