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Elbow Pain and Benching / Dips


Quick (actually longish) question, I have been recently (2 months ago) moved on to a 5 day push pull / upper / lower body work out. Doing compounds and mixing my reps and sets from 8 times 3 to 4 times 8. Among a number of medium term objectives is to bench 225lbs for 10 reps. I know this is pretty low weight, but we all need goals. To this end taking Chad and I think Thibs advice I am hitting the bench / chest exercises twice a week. I?m currently benching 210 for 6 reps.
I have noticed previously that when I was doing heavy dips on Fridays 90lbs + body weight for 3 reps that my elbows joints would hurt. I thought this might be specifically dip related and so took a break from dips for a while.
However now I am benching twice a week I have begun to feel the pain in my elbows again.
The pain isn?t terrible and as long as I am not risking injury or long term damage I am happy to continue and deal with the pain.
But is this normal? Or is it indicative of overtraining? Poor technique?
I thought it might be overtraining as I do all big compounds each week. -deads, squats, military press, hang cleans, dips, bench. Thursday tends to be ?core? work. As well as that I train MMA 2 sometimes 3 times a week for 2 hours (with a core Kali syllabus, www.nudda.com).
I?m 185lbs and 5,6 27 years old
In case my diet is an issue—
My diet is very clean. For example -
1-High fibre cereal and protein shake
2-Eggs and protein shake
3-200g salmon or 200g tuna with pesto
-During workout 10g BCAAs
-Post work out - 60g protein 60g oats, 10g BCAAs, 10g Creatine.
4-Chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread or cottage cheese, or natural fat free yogurt.
5-200g salmon or 200g tuna with pesto
6-Lean meat or eggs with vege
Thats all the info I can think I can give. If anyone has any constructive views I would appreciate you sharing them.



Off topic, why so much BCAA? Do you have Lou Gehrig’s disease? I was under the impression that more is not better.

[quote]texass wrote:
Off topic, why so much BCAA? Do you have Lou Gehrig’s disease? I was under the impression that more is not better.

No. I spent some time reading this site and the different Protocols and after spending some time just adding 5grams to my PWO shake I decided to go as close to Thibs recommendations as possible. (They in the Biotest product thread). I?ll give it a go and see if I notice anything.