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Elbow Pain After Workouts

Hey all I have a few questions.

My first question is:

I have started working out seriously and have been doing it for about 2-3 weeks, mostly upperbody.

Now, I have noticed, especially now, that after I workout, the parts of body arent often sore EXCEPT for the inside of my elbow like right on the joint. I dont know why this is? Maybe when I do my arm curls I am using this more than my bicep?

Also, maybe totally unrelated, my arms do not extend fully. Like from that same joint, they only can “stretch” so far and never to a full straight line.


I have a GMC Nutrition store near me or whatever its called and I am wondering if there is any certain supplements or muscle-enhancing pills or something I can take to help me along. I hear about creatine?

Thanks so much,


Take it slow your new and need to build up the joints and tendons to get used to the loads. that takes longer then adding muscle strength. One of the main reasons for newbies to stay in the 8 rep and higher zone.

use full comfortable controlled ROM, dont jerk in the full extended position sure give it your all but dont jerk. trust me you dont want to blow a bicep tendon…

GNC over priced, how is your diet??


I know you may consider this relitively useless. You should really be focusing on the following

1 learning proper lifting technique
2 building a foundation of mass, centred around Quads, Hamstrings, lower back, glutes, and abdominals (basically the posterior chain)
3 learning basic sports health techniques and issues (read mike robertson, Ian King, Eric Cressey for a start)
4 Learning about diet (Lonnie Lowery, John Beradi, Mauro Pasqualie, and David Barr are excellent choices)

General Advice
Read this site and find an introductory program, eat well, rest well, think big, and achieve

My diet is good I think. I have recently given up pop, french fries, and all sweets for Lent, and I think im gunna stick with that even when it ends.

Other than that I don’t really eat a whole lot, and maybe I need to start eating more? Like I may eat 2 meals a day now.

If youre eating two meals a day, then your “diet” is not “good”.

Read the stickies.

When I first started, I would have the same type of inner-pain in my frontal right shoulder. Before every workout, make sure you stretch very well. A big majority of guys at my school’s gym never stretch and with no stretch, you’re just setting yourself up for injury.

On top of that, don’t go in and try to lift more than everyone else in the gym; consider it impossible. Take it a little easy until you get good joint strength and stability. It just comes with time, so be patient. It took me a good 2.5 months to get over the pains in my shoulder, but now I feel rock solid when I bench or mil press and it was totally worth taking it easy when I did.

Form is the most important part of a lift. You can cheat your way right to no results. I’ve seen huge guys lifting very ‘low’ weights and it’s because they were doing it correctly, not because they were weak.

Good luck!