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Elbow Pain After Chest Workout Yesterday

i did chest yesterday and today i’m its quite painful to straighten my left arm. I had trouble playing ping pong. I don’t remember any particular mishap while lifting…any ideas?

Don’t play ping pong?

Where exactly are you feeling the pain. Tricep? Forearm? Inner part of the elbow outer part?

Ping pong + training is a good way to develop bicep tendinitis. Hell I got bicep tendinitis from playing darts and lifting weights.

If you dont work chest very regularly it would be pretty easy to hurt the muscle right where it connects to the tendon. That happens sometimes when returning to a workload or jsut starting out. beyond that its hard to say without more informations.

its real tender on the outside of the elbow

…less than ideal descriptoin but it sounds like your strained your tricep a littel bit. Ice it and take Aspirin to reduce inflamation.