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Elbow nerves

Gday guys,

I had a bit of an accident in the gym which has left me with a slight “compression” of my ulner (sp) nerve in my elbow. My fingers are constantly tingling and my doctor says 4 weeks rest minimum and then maybe an operation. Has anyone ever had this before and what do they recommend? Are there any things I should especially avoid doing in the gym if I do go back anyhow? Or better yet, are there any upper body exercises that are still possible? I dont want to find out the hard way.


I’m kind of curious as well, so I’ll bump this.


Here’s a picture of the nerve in question.


Check out active release technique if available. I treat such things all the time in the office. usually you see good response very quickly. I couldn’t tell you what you could do training wise unless I examined you personally.

I’ve had the same problem for the past 3 years in both elbows. As I flex my elbow, I can feel the ulna nerve snap against the inner bone of the elbow. This causes the area to swell and constant pain. A.R.T seemed to help to some extent in my case. A specialist told me that the answer was to relocate the ulna nerve however surgery is not the answer for me. I stay away from any direct tricep work other than pressing movements. Elbow sleeves help somewhat and icing the inner elbow helps also. I’m courious as if anyone else might have this problem also.