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Elbow Joint Calluses?


Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but can someone train their triceps so much that their elbows actually get pointier/ callused?

an example would be above (Max Charles).

would this be genetic? I've personally found that after 3 years of heavy lifting and tricep specific extensions and pull-downs, etc. that my right elbow protrudes out more than my left.

Would this cause long-term problems? like pain? I get discomfort sometimes when I do too many single joint tricep exercises like skull crushers. My elbows feel tender and like they are going to explode.


another sample


Bone is constantly remodelled according to the magnitude and direction of the mechanical forces placed upon it (Wolff's law).

That is also going to be influenced by genetics but yes in all likelihood the nature of the forces acting upon his tricep tendon over the years have led to thickening of the bone at the insertion (if my memory serves me correctly the remodelling takes place at right angles to the line of force, which appears to have taken place here).


thanks Hooker.


He didn't help you. You are jumping to conclusions if you look at one picture and assume anything like that. He could have been that way since birth. You won't know unless you compare pics from when he first started to now...and even then you won't know unless you actually ASKED him about his training/medical history.


Hey X, have you had any personal experience yourself with your elbows from years of heavy lifting?

I don't have any B&A pics, but I've noticed my elbows, they seem to have grow pointier.


No. My elbows don't look different. I would relate that to injury before I related that to some common event seen in all weight lifters especially since most do NOT show this.


...Is the less lazy version of my answer! Cheers Prof