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Elbow Injury

I hurt my elbow lifting something (not in the gym).

For about 2 weeks after I hurt it, my elbow would pop everytime I hyperextend it. It would be so painful that I would have to take my hand to the back of my elbow and move the tendon to the side. After I did this, the pain wouldn’t be there.

If I did not move the tendon over, it would not let me contract and extend my arm. This went on for two weeks along with a tendon popping noise.

I am about 80% better, but it still hurts when I curl or do tricepts. I can feel it at the base where my bi meets my elbow and on the back side where my tri meets my elbow.

There was never any swelling or discoloration throughout the entire injury, but it has been about 6 weeks and is still not fully healed.

Is this something that will heal with time?

(If this is legit)


Oh, it is legit! Ever have the crappiest health insurance on the face of this earth? I do. I try to avoid the doc at all cost because my insurance company tries to get out of paying for everything.

I’ve had a similar problem since i was 20, i slipped over at work and hairline fractured my elbow except i got swelling. ever since then (3 years ago) any exercises such as lat pulldowns, rows, skull crushers(tricep stuff) my tendon pops and locks up have to unload the weight then get my other hand… usually i just wack it and it goes back to normal…

i find warming up prevents my issue, try working into the heavier loads a little slower then usual,hopefully yours will heal up if you give it time! my case is different though i have current tendonapathy/itis of elbow being tricep and biceps(golfers elbow) both arms