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Elbow Injury/ Orthopedic Surgeon


Can anyone recommend a good Orthopedic Surgeon with a strong background in sports medicine (specifically Powerlifting/Weightlifting) in the South Jersey area? My elbow causes me excruciating pain when I bench heavy. It doesn't hurt so much with Militaries or Behind Neck Presses, so I've substituted those (I recently got a PR of 200lbs. in the strict Military Press at age 48).

MRI showed advanced arthritis and a foriegn body (possible bone fragment) in the elbow. My doc mainly deals with Seniors; has no clue about getting me back on the bench under some serious weight. I probably need to get the elbow scoped, but he gave me some pain cream to rub on it! If any of you New Jersey lifters can help, I'd appreciate it!


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