Elbow Injury Advice? Affecting Gainz

Hello, first time posting here, I was training chest about a month ago and when I was half way through a set of dips I heard a loud pop from my elbow, loud enough for my mate to say wtf. No instant pain or anything and it was fine the rest of the day and carried on throughout my workout. However the next day I was in agony. There was no visual swelling, bruising or deformity. Just so much pain I could hardly pick up a cup. Thought it might be tennis elbow so was prescribed anti inflammatory tablets. However even though the pain has significantly reduced, there is still a little bit of pain which gets effects training. There is still weakness in the joint.

another thing that i have noticed, and is causing my concern is that when i bring my arm in as if im curling there is tension on the back of my elbow. also tension/ tightness if i attempt to do over under grip for deadlifts. The joint has also became much more audible in movement. its crunching when i move the joint, similar sound to velcro being ripped. these new noises, tightness, weakness and the initial loud POP of the joint is making me think it is far more serious?

thanks in advance!

Does not sound too good IMO. If your gut feeling is that it’s serious I’d recommend following up for sure.

The course of your injury can be a good indicator. If it’s been gradually getting better and feeling better since a month ago there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll keep on getting better. If it’s staying the same/stalling or getting worse then keeping on doing what you’re doing and giving it time probably won’t accomplish anything.

Follow up with doctor or physio or some other health professional who gives enough of a shit to properly diagnose you e.g. appropriate physical examination and imaging, not give you meds and tell you to fuck off. Decent chance you may have mismanaged your injury by coming back to full activity too soon but can’t tell for sure from the info you’ve provided.

Yea think I’m going to book an appointment with a sports physio. Doctor will just want to get me out of his way again. Cheers for your help!