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Elbow Hyperextension Injury During BJJ

I hyperextended my elbow trying to post from a hip-bump sweep (i know stupid, but i totally didnt expect it). Its been 3days and its still bit tender and cant straighten it fully yet. Does anyone have any tips on recovery and rehab exercises?

I did the same being arm barred once. My coach advised me to hit the NSAIDS (one every 3-4 hours with food) and just every couple of hours makes sure to try and slowly extend your arm to normal extension.

It depends on the injury though, mine wasn’t severe and probably was just some micro tears. Personally I was good enough inside of a week, but it took a couple of months to be back to 100% operation and it was tender from time to time when under straing for quite a while.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

yea…seems like similar injury. how long before you could start lifting and trainin bjj again?

BJJ training was probably a week or two. I would do drills and stuff but absolutely no rolling at all, it was too weak.

Lifting I had to basically pick my movements. I mean the big movements weren’t too effected but anything that involved pulling or pushing outside of dead center wouldn’t work. Squat, DL, rowing etc were fine after a couple of weeks. Benching, shoulder pressing, cleans etc were a bit problematic and took a couple of months to be fully good again. I could still do them but too much work and I’d injure it again.

As for rolling it sucked because for most things I was okay but it really effected grip strength and a lot of simple movements. I tended to let people know about the injury for a month or two. I tapped early on any arm bar attempts :slight_smile:

All in all I would say short story is it was sufficiently okay within weeks, and 100% within 2 months.

Omega 3 fatty acids, bump up the ascorbates taken with fruit or vegetables