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Elbow-Friendly Exercises for Huge Triceps?

Im trying to grow my arms since they are very stubborn in relation to my other bodyparts so im training them 3x a week with some volume moderate weight… for biceps im using db hammer curls and they are working great but for triceps I get elbow pain with skullcrushers or not good pump for other exercises like pushdowns… any idea? Ive tried cross body db extensions but no mind muscle connection and some elbow pain…

JM presses.


Close grip bench press, dips and chin ups


I second @MarkKO

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Will try jm presses… also opinions on PJR pullovers?? Just reminded of this one…

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I like PJRs but from memory they still can aggravate the elbows a tad. You can also try plain old cable tricep extensions but go for something like 100 reps with only 10 second rests until complete. Shouldn’t hurt the elbows but your triceps will feel it

These great…

Remember your positioning/alignment. You can’t get good tricep extension/connection/activation with your shoulders shrugged up towards your ears or rounded forward and slumped over. I like to extend my neck like a turtle sticking its head out of the shell to get my shoulder into the right spot.

ln the video above Meadows mentions doing extension type moves 2nd or 3rd in your rotation, after you’ve warmed up your elbows a little. I like this idea. i use 1 arm cable pushdowns with a slow cadence for these. To develop or practice MMC before bigger moves. Sometimes no handle, just grab the little ball on the cable for a natural grip.

I like the PJRs. I got them from Mark.

DB pressing with a neutral grip could be OK if you’ve got nothing else.

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Are skull crushers your first exercise for triceps? I ask because I KNOW that I can’t start with certain movements or things get uncomfortable in the joint.

Since finding out how much of a difference ordering has on my elbows, I’ve taken a very methodical approach, using very basic movements, but ordering them in a manner that starts with an isolation/high rep exercise, then moves to a stretch movement, and lastly ends with the heavy compound.

1- Single arm rope pressdowns (high reps, slow negatives)
2- Skull Crushers with 2 Dumbells (held in a neutral grip, very controlled,
extended BEHIND your head on the bench))
3- Cambered Bar pressdowns (low reps)

It’s not magic, but it usually doesn’t need to be.



band pushdowns x 200-300.
try it.
I have ffed elbows.

like most older people I have to prep push days -with
rope or banded pushdowns- high rep.

I can do incline rolling tri extensions- but light
I might never go above 40lb db’s.

the banded pushdown -
high volume a few days a week will make the elbows feel great.
and add some beef.
dips and push ups- already mentioned but so easy to forget.
pushups- you can do a TON of variety to target the triceps.

I went with single arm rope pushdown and its working quite good, kinda hard to progress in weight rn but adding reps adds some nice pump which is the goal

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Yeah, the pump is great with that exercise and you really feel the blood fill the area. Once you’re feeling a good you can throw in another movement after and won’t need.as much weight either.


Make sure you are activating triceps through out all of the movements. That is how I got rid of / minimized and tricep pain.

Give this a go, and see if it helps. No matter the exercise, stabilise the shoulder joints first(scapulae), initiate the movement from there, through to the triceps. Make the focus of the movement then on the humerus not the elbow joint, so you don’t lock out hard(2-3" below the elbow for a focus).

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yeah as above, never locking out the last 5% is huge also

What are you doing outside the gym? I fought horrible elbows for a few years and it was awful. Had days where the throbbing from my elbows was borderline unbearable even while doing nothing. I wouldn’t say I’m cured but I’ve got to the point where I’m virtually pain free.

Things that helped:

You might look at this for ideas:

Loads of extensor work- I like iron minds rubber band finger extensors

Compression sleeves

Airmaid or something similar


Vigorous wrist stretches -