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Elbow Fracture?

I was diagnosed with a minor fracture of the elbow condyle about 3 weeks ago. My orthopedic surgeon elected to just have me gradually work on increasing the range of motion on my own; no cast, surgery, etc.

At any rate, I was curious how well others have done with recovery for similar injuries. The biggest obstacles so far would appear to obviously be increasing my ROM but also the stability around the joint. I have accidently applied pressure to the elbow joint a couple of times that have reminded me how much unstability there still is.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but you this but your elbow is going to bother you probably for the rest of your life. I fractured both my elbows while skydiving about four years ago. They still bother me everyday. No limited range of motion or anything like that they just hurt all the time. Fish oil helps but its just something you get used to. Hopefully your is not that bad!