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Elbow/Forearm Pain


I am in a cloud, I don't have a clue how I can solve this issue so thanks for your time.

I train in this fashion :

Speed Dead
Quads Work

Pec Work
Back work
Shoulder Injury Prevention Work (lateral/rear)



Speed Squat
Glute/ham work

Military Press
Speed Bench
Shoulder Injury Prevention Work (lateral/rear)
Back work

Except for back, the overall volume is quite reasonable.

A few weeks ago, after military press I was unable to do my speed bench. When I was at the lower 1/3 of the rep a sharp pain in elbow then even sharper in forearm.

It now happens every time I want do a press that involves a pressure between forearm and biceps and triceps stretching (When military press is at clavicle or JM Press when you reach jaws levels, skullcrushers eyes levels etc.)

On wed when I start with bench press, I can feel a little weakness in my forearm/elbow, but no sharp pain and no strength lost.

Before Arms/MPress/Bench I always warm-up triceps/rear/lateral alone before warming up on the actual movement.

Anyone had similar issues ?


Lie on your back and put your arms over your head. Take a picture from each side.

Im betting on shoulder disfunction maybe lack of rotation and flexion... lets see the pics.

Do it like the lying pics on this thread.


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Right side


Left Side


Thanks for the tips, applying your protocol from now on and look forward improvement.



From the pictures you posted it is hard to derive any good opinions. You are pretty heavily arched in your back, which could be compensation from the hips or from you trying to get your shoulders flat to the ground and compensating due to tight upper extremity musculature.

From your description of pain though, I'd lean more towards a forearm issue rather than a shoulder issue. Though that doesn't mean you should neglect to address any mobility deficits in your upper extremity if you do have some. Using Occam's razor, it is most likely the simplest explanation in a mobility and soft tissue issue at the forearm/elbow. But, if you have access to a therapist who is competent at nerve evaluation and nerve glides, you may want to look into getting your ulnar/radial/median nerves eval'd and instructed on some nerve glides. The only reason I would recommend those are due to the fact that you stated you felt some weakness in your forearm/elbow. It isn't very likely that there are any issues, but if you have the ability to get looked at, it won't hurt.


On a flat ground, relaxed arms overhead that's how it looked, I didn't need to force anything. I just lay down and get comfortable.

Thank you for the pointers,

I will keep this thread posted in the next weeks and hope for improvement.


I worded myself poorly before and I think you mistook me saying you were forcing your arms down rather than just focusing on your arms relaxing. Regardless, your back has a significant arch, which shows that it is compensating somewhere (hips, poor upper extremity mobility/upper-cross syndrome, just a naturally big arch, etc). I would be interested in seeing how your full shoulder flexion ROM looks when you keeping a more natural arch in your back and with you standing rather than laying down (as standing would be a better indicator of functional shoulder flexion w/ probably scapular gliding).


OP, my right elbow has given me some serious 'jip' lately. BBB treated me, and warned me that the left (elbow) wasn't far behind the right, over the last week the left elbow has become painful, as he predicted.

I have been using the techniques below with great successes, please follow them, they do work. My main problem is that my job aggravates them, but the foam rolling in particular provides almost instant pain relief.

They are good 'advices' LOL


What if the pain is on the inside where the muscle/tendons attach right by the funny bone (golfers elbow)? Have it pretty bad in both arms now. ARRGG!


I've had the same problem for nearly a year now.

I usually use a piece of PVC pipe to work on my arms.

I put one end of the pipe on my thigh and the other end on the couch to try and get the 30-45 degree angle needed to hit those muscles. Then I roll it and look for tight spots and pull my fingers back to stretch the muscles while I do this.

This provides some relief but hasn't made my pain go away.