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Elbow Flexion Contracture


Just had an MRI last week now i'm waiting for my follow up with the ortho next week.

I developed a 30 degree contracture of my right elbow about 8 weeks ago. I do not recall any specific injury or trauma that could of caused this condition. I just realized in the gym one day that i could not fully extend my right elbow. It has become a major impediment in my training especially with pushing and pulling both horizontal and vertical.

There is no pain associated with this. All i have is some discomfort when i fully extend or contract my right elbow along with some minor stiffness surrounding the tip of my elbow.

I have also experienced a decrease in strength in my right arm.

So, as i wait for the diagnosis, i would like to know if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with something like this ?


You have a bone spur. If the mri or x ray only shows one or two then get them out. If your elbow is bone spurred up, like mine, then I would keep or b/c surgery could shorten the life of your elbow.


Wow, thanks for the response. I didn't think i was going to get one.

Your RIGHT ON with the bone spur/s. All my MRI revealed were bone spur/s and arthritis.

At my follow up with the ortho he injected the elbow with cortisone. Didn't really do much at all to help it. He wants to see me in 6 weeks.

At this time i'm not sure how many bone spur/s i have. I will find out.

I'm curious about the last sentence of your post. Are you saying that surgery would shorten the life of my elbow or the presence of bone spur/s ??


What about applying Synvisc or Suprahyal?