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Elbow Experts?


Hey guys, The Polquin interveiw reminded me of a question I've been meaning to throw out here.

I've had elbow trouble for a few years. Over the past 3 months I've been doing all my pulling movements with a finger-tip grip and it's been working great. My elbows are feeling really good.

I'd like to start getting more aggressive and go back to a normal grip for one or two movements a week, but I'd also like to avoid, yet another set back.

Any ideas how I should approach this? Anyone with experience like this?


Try a thumbless grip allows greater grip but takes ther upper arm and elbow out of it a bit not so much pressure on the tendon.

Also regualr use os a rubber band to work the hand extensors press out on rubber band does wonders.

High dose Fish Oils and Flameout.

best of luck Elbow pain sucks,


I second the thumbless grip. Try it. If you start getting pain, ice it and switch back to what has worked in the past.


My finger tip grip is thumbless, but I could move the bars further up the fingers (closer to the hand) as an intermediate step. That's probably a very good idea. Thank you.

Those band exercises seem to exasperate my Golfers Elbow symptoms. Flexor xercises exasperate my Tennis Elbow symptoms. Figures.


Internal and external roatations with dumbbells..?

I think it's a 2:1 ratio interal to external thats recommended.


I don't think IR/ER is going to help much with the elbow pain. Are you talking about pronation/supination?