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Elbow Diagnosis Needed

Ok well I will try to throw as much information in this as possible. Im 6’1", Male, 66kg (145lb for the americans :slight_smile: thin built, anything else just ask heh.

Anyway, any time I am using weights trying to build my tri’s, I am getting this pain right along the Very end of the tendon (within the last inch say), just up the body from the elbow. Just at a guess it feels like it is over-stretching the tendon, as it really hurts as I apply the force. Im only using 4kg weights, so its not overly weighted. Yet this only happens in my right arm, my left one doesn’t feel anything to any degree like this.

Needless to say this is starting to get f***ing annoying. Before you ask no I haven’t gone to see a doctor, thought firstly it would go away after a year or so (yes, well I kind of am lazy), and then thought I would go ask you guys, maybe hoping you may have heard of it before.

Thanks in advance guys.

A year?

Go see a doctor.

Ok cool, was feeling I needed to do this. Thanks :slight_smile: