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Elbow Clicking and Pain, X-Rays Done

I have been having elbow clicking in both elbows for a while now, probably a year, although the left elbow clicks every time and is the elbow that gives me pain. It even clicks near full extension on the eccentric portion of bicep curls. I haven’t done any pressing or tricep work in 2.5 weeks and it’s slightly irritated even after a back and biceps day, although definately manageable, the pain after a pressing workout is too much to deal with to continue pressing workouts. I have been going to an art practitioner for 3 sessesions already with no improvement, and I got x rays done on both elbows today. Both elbows showed no bone spurs or loose bodies or anything wrong with them. I was expecting to see a bone spur or loose bodies but none appeared in the x-rays. They are prescribing physical therapy which I am very skeptical about being successful and really don’t feel like wasting my time with it, but will probably go to atleast a few sessions.

Can anybody offer any advice? My art doctor says it could be an impingement issue…but hasn’t really told me that he’s going to be able to fix it.

ART does not cure it right away. I had a nerve entrapment my doctor told me “there’s nothing we can do about it, short of surgery which only fixes it about 50% of the time”. ART guy said bs and told me it won’t be instant, but it could be fixed over a few weeks. It took 7 sessions to fix my issue.

Impingement seems likely, if it is ART could help. I would talk to your ART guy about what exactly he thinks it is, what can be done, and how long it would take to fix. My guy was very up front and honest about everything he did and the reasons why, and answered all million of my questions. If you think he’s just guessing and doing every elbow exercise he knows in the hopes he magically fixes it, maybe look around for a different ART guy.

no I really like my doctor and trust him, I’ve been going to him before the elbow issue and he fixed my knee which had been giving me horrible pain, and now I can lift lower body again. I will talk to him again Wednesday when I have my appointment.

Agree with Fisch. Give it some time, don’t just count sessions. Doing all the right things for the injury is great, but their success and rate at which they work are still subject to each individuals recuperative abilities. Ligaments and tendons take longer to respond, and are the most likely culprits when it comes to chronic elbow issues. I would do the PT as well. Wait until you are finished with the ART and the pain subsides, follow stretches, ice/heat etc. advice given and before you go back into training do the course of PT, slowly stabilizing and strengthening the joint.