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Elbow Bursitis?



I think I have elbow burisits (according to a dr. I saw). It hurts badly when I put pressure on it even from a mattress.

Keeping it simple I was wondering if anyone's had this and has trained with moderate weights? I think I felt some problems in this same tricep about 8 months ago with heavy overhead extensions, but i backed off, and this problem is in the same area but seems to be coming up from leaning on my elbows too much. Im currently trying to lean out and was wondering if using my arms at all would screw up the healing. I am not sure if movement is

Anyone deal with this before?


Did the doctor place you on an oral dose of anti-inflammatories? Write you any script for Physical Therapy?

With bursitis, one of the best therapeutic modalities for it will be ultrasound, but you will only be getting that if you have access to a physical therapist, athletic trainer, or chiro.

Best things for bursitis are to rest the area to decrease inflammation/irritation, wear compression to keep swelling down, wear padding to lessen irritation from hitting/leaning on it, ultrasound, light flushing/milk massage will help, gentle active ROM, and anti-inflammatories.


The doctor did not prescribe shit. He told me to wear elbow pads and didnt' say anything about NSAIDs. he said if I continued to put pressure or trauma onto the area it would turn into bursitis. All I've been doing is avoiding hitting it and leaning on it. Pretty lame when a mattress can hurt though. Even resting it on my thigh can do it sometimes...I've been ice massaging it lightly like crazy. Oh yea and the swelling is very subtle, its not really that apparent.