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Elbow and Shoulder Pain

I have a question for you guys(and gals). Whenever I bench press, or do most shoulder work, I get a bad pain in my shoulders. when I do direct tricep work, I get a different kind of pain in my tricep. Is there any way I can tell if ART or something like it will help me before I go do it? See the place isn’t close to me, about 200 miles away, but I would go if it would fix me up. My insurance needs a doctor referal in order to cover anything, so is there a doctor that would be able to tell me what the problem is? Thanks for the help!


Danny, shoulder problems and benching seem to go hand and hand. I read somewhere that we have the ability to build great muscular strength and size in all of the related shoulder muscles, but that the joint capsule, relatively speaking is more fragile and prone to injury. Balance (i.e., horizontal pushing and horizontal pulling exercises, vertical pushing and vertical pulling exercises) is critical to preventing injury.

All I can say is that I got good results with ART. My practitioner was a DC (as most are, though it’s not required for certification) and he gave me some great rehab/remedial exercises to complement the healing/strengthening process.

Not many practitioners. Mine is over an hour away, but it was worth the trip. Give the guy a call and ask for references, particularly people who suffered from shoulder problems. That way you’ll be better able to make an informed decision.

Good luck to you!!!

Tampa, thanks a lot of the response. I am almost positive I am going to go to the ART practitioner soon. I hope my doctor will give me a referal, otherwise insurance won’t cover it. And I have very good push/pull balance, my back is one of my best muscles and is usually prioritized over my chest.


Danny, I’ll cross my fingers for you. With any luck you can get a referral. But I have to tell you that I had shoulder surgery (before I ever found out about ART), and just the part that the insurance company didn’t pick up – co-pays and things that insurance companies always come back and refuse to pay for – added up to a lot more than I would have paid for ART. The sad thing is I may not even have needed my surgery.

Sounds like you have the beginnings of bone chips and spurs happening. and possible rotator cuff damage. Jim

Danny, your problem is classic, in fact, it’s textbook. Back off from training, period, not from a doctors standpoint, but from a therapists standpoint, and its for free. Don’t you think your body’s telling you something? Mine was always right when it inflamed any of the pushing principles, period.

hope this helps