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elbew pains

As of a few weeks ago, my elbows hurt while doing pretty much any tricep exercise (but I could still do close-grip benches and rope pressdowns pain-free), but in my past few workouts, I’ve started feeling that familiar click (which is how my tricep pains started out) even when benching, and even doing dumbbell shoulder presses while seated. I’ve never had an injury in 5 years of lifting, but I want to nip this one in the bud before it sidelines me. Any ggestions from people who have recovered from similar elbow soreness? Could ART help me out? I know that this is a fairly common problem, so there’s got to be some people out there who have had it successfully treated…

You might want to try giving your elbows a rest. I realize it is difficult to take a lay off. However,developing a serious injury will sideline you for a lot longer. Your pains could be the result of overuse or even small tears in the tendon. Additionally, you might want to try a joint support supplement like glucosamine. If the problem returns or fails to go away, check your form. Perhaps, you are putting unnecissary stress on your elbows. Other than that, a visit to the doctor is about all I can think of.

I’ve had, and successfully treated the same injury you are referring to. It’s caused by doing too much elbow extensor training, especially heavy triceps training like skullcrushers, overheard extensions etc. The best thing to do is cut your volume down a bit, start warming up more, start each workout with light, light weight to pump some blood in there…and give up the hardcore elbow stressing exercises for a while in favor of the lighter, higher rep type exercises like pushdowns, etc.